Sep 15, 2014

It's been a very busy summer!

It's been a very busy summer!

The first generation born free!!

Apr 13, 2012


We have alot of awesome things happening in May 2012! 

During the first part of the month we will begin holding seminars at Memorial Herman Southwest for the nursing staff of the post dellivery wing of the hospital. We are excited to educate and inform these dedicated people on the special needs the refugee women face after giving birth for the 1st time in America.  Thank you so much Alida Chatham & Linda Schone for the opportunity! 


LCG is hosting a booth at the MommySwagger Expo 2012 in Cross Creek Ranch. We will be selling the artisan crafts from our refugees & bringing awareness to a broader base!

Oct 1, 2011

The 1st Year

For LifeCycles this year can be defined using three words: Discovery, Recognition and Anticipation.


From the first vacuum cleanerdonated by Joan Mosha and the countless bikes repaired by Randy Pike to Wordserve church hosting refugees at the Church Without Walls event. This year has been about discovering what God is calling LifeCycles to do. We have become very aware that we can’t do everything for everyone. But this year we have discovered new ways to help and new resources to turn to when we can’t. We have discovered that grassroots organizations can make a difference.


Recently Nathan Keller, Sugarland Family Church, asked the question; “Are you numb to the conditions of the world?” In a thousand ways this year we have answered that question with a resounding “NO”. I think of the line from the song, “Break my heart for what breaks yours” and realize this year has been about recognizing problems and fighting for ways to solve them: one person, one family, one refugee at a time.

We know that as a team of volunteers, pastors, and friends we have been blessed to bless former refugees as they build new lives with little more than the clothes on their backs.


We have spent this year anticipating the purpose that God has birthed in LifeCycles.

Everyday we awake to see the next phase, the next need, and the next blessing. Like the former refugees we serve, every day offers both new challenges and new opportunities.